Expressive Arts of UniKrea

Nadja Gruberg
Expressive Arts Therapist, Art Therapist, GIM
UniKrea - Studio for Expressive Arts Therapy
Fjällgatan 23B
S-11628 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Welcome to UniKrea - Studio for Expressive Arts Therapy


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Expressive Arts Therapy is Art, Music, Dance, Poetry and Drama which like
Myths, Fairy tales, Dreams and Rituals are Gates to our Inner World.
When we enter, we may find unexpected treasures.


In the Studio we also use Art Therapy


and Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)


And writing since Poiesis is the making of Images in words


The mind is poetic to begin with, according to James Hillman.
The core of Expressive Arts Therapy is this poetic mind.
And through the arts, our mind and Soul can express itSelf.


To get in touch with me, mail to unikrea(at)

UniKrea was founded in 1986 by Nadja Gruberg



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