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Poiesis - the making of Images in Words*

What cannot be said, has to remain in Silence -
or be told in a Poem

Images - and symbols - emerge from our inner Self spontaneously when we need them. They may enchant us, intrigue and worry us, pointing beyond themselves as they are. But as long as they have something to tell us we will continue to explore them. They can guide us, give us hope, keep us company and bring healing, but also scare and upset us. Since they are not one thing but many, woven together in an intricate pattern - like an enigma they create more questions than answers.
They are on the move, ever changing, never static. As we let them live with us, listen to their stories and follow their changes, they lend us their wisdom and let us witness their transformations. And then we may discover we are also changing, moving, transforming with them.

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* An expression borrowed from James Hillman.

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