Song to Thee, Beloved


Traces of Years
passing a-way
lines like paths
through a landscape
Can we escape
the heartless
traces of Time?


The rudeness of years passed
smoothing the edges
Can we embrace these paths
the traces of Life
written on our skin
its longings and shortcomings?

These traces
like Song-lines
marking the pathways
through the country
holding the Dreamtime
that time of re/membering
of em/bodying
history and Soul.
The harshness of Time
smoothing the Edges
lending a softer coloring
to Your being.

Yes - Yes
there is a Love
that moves deep
and gentle
a Lava-river
flowing soft and Soulful
through layers and layers
of Trust
Yes, there is a Love
that is like a gentle touch
on Your skin
its lines and traces
and that look
Oh, that gaze
that makes you certain
You`re loved.

Copyright ©Nadja Gruberg 1998-2016


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