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In Expressive Arts Therapy we use visual art, dance and movement, poetry and creative writing, drama and theater, voice and music, fairy tales and dreams, myths and rituals as a way to express and explore our Selves. And images.


Images are born in our souls. As they evolve, our images invite us to join them in play - to sing and dance with them, to fly and cry with them, to follow them wherever they will take us. When an image or a symbol has served its purpose, it dies - and another is born.
One image which never ceases to fascinate me is the image of the bird. Many things have been said about this image. In ancient times, people thought they could get guidance from the way the birds would fly across the sky. And the cry of a bird could bring a message to the one who heard the sound.
According to Jung the bird appears when we are ready for change. It is a symbol of transformations, of crossing borders. The bird may point to or give direction for our change. Since birds are able to fly and cross borders they bring knowledge from one realm to another.
Two black ravens, Hugin and Numin, thought and memory, often pictured resting on the shoulders of the Nordic God Odin, collect sacred stories and secrets from all realms. As they bring these secrets back to Odin and whisper them into his ears, he too can share their knowledge of the human Soul.


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